Magic in Motion

From television to direct sales, we create memorable and award-winning videos for audiences of all kinds.

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Lifestyle Videos

Our goal is to create a stories that resonate with the audience.

The Philip Hudgins Story

Ratliff Steel: Restoring A Legacy

Adoption Profile Video

Conroe Wedding

San Diego Wedding

East Dallas Wedding

Product Explainer Videos

Video can be a highly effective way to explain a product and helps increase understanding and interest, leading to greater engagement and ultimately, conversion.


RedCritter Classroom

RedCritter Teacher

RedCritter Taskboard

RedCritter for Yammer

Blastoff Network


Champions Network

Riverbend Sandler

Commercial Videos

Commercial spots can be used to create an emotional connection with the audience, which can be effective in building brand loyalty and increasing sales.

Ace Cash Express Auto Insurance

DFWBlastoff app

Express Collar Stays

Verity Instruments

Maxima Interactive

Fanpage App

Direct Sales and Relationship Marketing Videos

Video marketing is cost-effective as it can be produced with a relatively low budget and can have a high return on investment.

WorldVentures Presentation

Invida Presentation

Momentis Presentation Deck

Momentis Opportunity

Momentis Day in the Life

Momentis Training Sample

Momentis JustGreen Promo

Meridian Launch Promo

M-Marketing Systems

WorldVentures 4-Min Presentation

Corporate Event Coverage

Event highlights can be shared virally and make it easy to promote future events.

Fanpage Jingle Ball Recap

Patience Experience Conference Recap

Momentis Event Promo

Momentis Event Opening Video

Momentis Event Closing Video

Incentive Trip Coverage

Highlight videos are a great reward for attendees, and help promote future events.

Momentis Costa Rica

ANICO Cabo 2013

ANICO Cabo 2014