Stella’s Birth Story

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I can’t believe this story happened 2 years ago and that we are about to embark on our next pregnancy story in 2 weeks!  I wrote this soon after having Stella but never shared it.  Reading over it, I am so glad I did because it was the most monumental moment of my life. As time speeds by, memories fade.. but stories and pictures last a lifetime.   

August 26th 2015, a Wednesday morning around 2am is when mild contractions started every couple hours.
By our doctor appointment at 10am they were about 20 minutes apart, and I was sure we’d be meeting our baby girl that day.
While we waited for our doctor in the patient room, Rockett was looking up Birthdays that were on that day.
“Mother Theresa was born today! And today is the anniversary of Women’s right to vote!” We were getting so excited and I was so ready.
I was only dilated to a 1, but the Doctor said she had seen people in the same situation that had their baby that afternoon or evening.  Yay!
We came back home and I showered, got ready (excited that I would I have my hair and makeup done nicely for delivery, just like my Mom aka Glamma Gigi did when she had me), and made sure everything was packed and ready to go to the hospital.
Everyone says that walking helps get things moving, so Rockett left work early and we met my mom and sister at the Willow Bend Mall to try and “walk her out”.  It felt like it was working!  Contractions got to every 7 minutes and the excitement from all of them every time one came made the pain much more bearable.
After an afternoon of walking, we headed home to relax and watched the HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero.  After I sat down and relaxed, the contractions slowed way down.  I went a whole hour without a contraction, and lost hope that she would be 8-26-15 baby.
“Well lets see who’s Birthdays are tomorrow… Pee Wee Herman was born on 8-27!?  Not quite Mother Theresa, but now she has less competition for being the most important person born on her day.”
Oh how I love him!  Not that any of that stuff matters, but it was so sweet he kept me laughing throughout the most physically uncomfortable day of my life.
I wanted Taco Bueno for dinner.  But then Rockett reminded me of the birth stories we’d heard, so we opted Jimmy Johns, the overall better choice anyways. 😃
At about 1am, they started getting more intense and closer together.  By around 2:30am they were at 5 minutes apart, and I couldn’t imagine waiting out 2 hours of this to go to the hospital.  They hurt so bad, at 4am we decided it was time to go.
I always thought I would have time to at least put a little makeup on before we went, but exhausted and in so much pain, makeup became the last thing on my mind.  It’s funny how you dream of how things will go, and then when the time comes all priorities shift.  My number one priority at that moment was an epidural.
We arrived at the hospital at 4:20am, and everything was like a blur.  I thought since I pre-registered I would be shown right to the room and the epidural would happen pretty quickly.  But once again, dreams over reality sat in when they handed me a clipboard of paperwork needing answers to questions and a lot of signatures. It was all a haze and I’m pretty sure my signature was just a scribble line as I rushed through it all as quickly as possible between contractions.
We got to our room which was nice and started with more questions from our nurse.  I kept asking how much longer to the epidural, like a little kid on a road trip. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? About how much longer do you think?  They said there was a surgery going on and that it was taking the Anesthesiologist a little longer than expected, and assured me he would be there ASAP.
When the Anesthesiologist nurse finally arrived, I was SO happy.  She explained to me that the stick of the numbing shot would hurt, but it was nothing compared to contractions and I don’t even remember feeling it.  She was so nice and comforting, assuring me that relief was on its way.
And it was, but only on half of my body.  Apparently this happens to a lot of people, and they propped me up on my side to allow the medicine to flow to the other side. Ahhhh, the relief was amazing!  I was dilated to a 7 and so tired, they turned off the lights and told me to rest up.  That was the best 30 minutes of sleep, I thanked God for modern medicine and fell into a slumber till my water broke.
We called the nurse in, she peeked under blanket and said “it sure did break!” and left the room.  I thought there would be a cleanup and dilation check, but I guess they didn’t think it was time yet.  After my water broke the contractions became super intense.  It didn’t even feel like I had an epidural anymore, they were so intense we called the nurse back in again.
I was fully dilated! Yay!  She went to call my doctor again, and when she came back I told her everything in my body was telling me to start pushing. She agreed and told Rockett to go get my family that it was time to start.  The nurse held up one leg, Rockett held up the other and my Mom, sister and Rockett’s mom all stood to the side and watched.  She explained that when my next contraction started, to push like I was pushing out a big poop for 10 seconds,  breathe and do that 2 more times till the end of the contraction.
I gave it all I had, and after about 15 minutes of pushing she informed the we were getting too close and needed to stop to wait for the doctor.  She still was still in the shower and not answering her phone, and I was not a happy camper.  I figured she would have been there way before I was fully dilated, but guess that’s not how they do things.
I begged the nurse to let me keep pushing, the contractions were too strong not to and I that I believed in her to deliver my baby if the doctor was not there.  She explained that she wish she could, but that she wasn’t allowed.  It was the most intense pain I have ever been in.
Finally the doctor arrived and we pushed for about 20 minutes and her head kept going in and out.  We opted for an episiotomy and she came out the next push!  It was the most surreal and emotional moment of my entire life.  It still blows my mind that humans are made in us, and that emotions that hit the moment they enter the world cannot be described properly.  So much love, so many tears, so much of everything at all once taking over.  It’s truly the miracle moment of life.

Dallas Carrollton Plano Texas Birth blog photography

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